Class and Event Descriptions

Mother Daughter Yoga with Kamie

Are you looking for a fun new way to positively connect with a young lady in your life? This class is for mothers or other adult female role models and their lovely daughter’s age 8-14. Bring your special little lady and get ready to explore deeper connection through yoga. This Mother-Daughter yoga class brings practices that integrate stillness, relaxation and connection. No experience necessary. We welcome grandmothers, aunties, caretakers or pairs that identify themselves as mother/daughter are invited to join us at our studio. Please register early classes fill. Bring a journal.

Stretch and Flex Yoga for Body and Bones with Kamie

This class begins with an opening meditation followed by a mixture of yoga poses and strengthening exercises using props to increase the desired challenge. Recent studies have shown that specific yoga postures may aid in reducing bone loss and even reversing it. This class is targeted at specific adults population to assist in strengthening posture; improving balance, flexibility, and strength; and gaining a better range of motion. Our practice will focus on strengthening risk areas, such as the spine and pelvis. This class will also focus on practices that calm the nervous system and create breath awareness. Adaptations and modifications will be offered during class for those who need more support or more of a challenge. All levels are welcome. 

Yoga Spa with Kamie

Give yourself a break from your busy demands and relax with some reflection, support and self care. This class begins with guided meditations to create awareness, inviting inner guidance to connect with your body, mind, emotions, and spirit. After the guided meditation, we will share what we witnessed about each area of the meditation in a safe and supportive environment. You may share as little or as much as you would like with no expectations. Then relax in a restorative pose and receive a facial massage with lovely local oils, Marma Therapy (**like acupressure) and vibration therapy with a tuning fork to calm your mind and promote a restful sleep. This class will close with the Metta (loving kindness) meditation to join our energy with the world around us. Relax and enjoy. 

This class was designed from the various therapies that Kamie has been trained in over the last 21 years. During this time, she had the pleasure to study many different modalities. This class focuses on Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, integrative yoga therapy and Marma therapy.

Yoga Nidra with Kamie

Yoga Nidra is a form of guided meditation or yogic sleep. It is one of the easiest styles of yoga to practice and is the state before sleep. There are numerous mental and physical benefits that come from the practice of this ancient method of meditation. We all have stresses in our lives and we need tools to learn how to release tension and truly relax. Yoga nidra is a simple practice to prevent both the mental and physical damage that can come due to stress.

Some of the benefits of yoga nidra.

  • Heals Trauma: tension release and relaxation in a safe space.
  • Delta and Theta brain waves: helps us to reach the deeper state of sleep, creativity, inspiration and spiritual connection.
  • Reduces Stress: help us to release stress and anxiety.
  • Reduce Chronic Pain: gives our body time to rest, recover and restore, decreasing inflammation and improves immune function.
  • PMS Symptoms: improve wellbeing, anxiety and depression by learning tools to apply and practices based on intervention.
  • Better Sleep: insomnia and sleep deprivation contribute to mental disorders, stress, and immune health.

We will begin class with some basic movements and breathing, and then settle into our yoga nidra. We will practice in a reclined position. No experience necessary. More Information…