Well Nourished Woman

I struggle with fear and misinformation surrounding health and wellness, especially concerning the female reproductive system. We are taught that our menstrual cycles are a curse–that we should dread it–and that menopausal symptoms are unavoidable. This couldn’t be further from the truth, and it makes me worried about the future of womanhood.

We live in fear of “what-if” scenarios. What if I can’t conceive? What if I have cramps and heavy periods my whole menstruating life? What if menopause is unbearable?

Did you know that our menstrual cycles are a way for our bodies to detoxify? It is a valuable indicator of what could be out of balance during the previous month. The ancient ayurvedic text writes that the uterus cries when we bleed because it didn’t bear a child. I love knowing that.

As women now in my 40s, I feel that we have a disconnect from our authentic selves, fertility, menstrual cycles, and what it means to age gracefully. Reconnecting with what it means to be a woman has been vital in my life as I process my miscarriage, divorce, heavy periods, and sexual trauma. I didn’t heal until I took the time to connect with nature’s rhythms and my cycle. Only then could I uncover my past and embrace what it means to be a woman.

Ladies, we need to understand how to adapt to changes, welcome our bodies’ signals to heal, and surrender to their cries. We also need to fully explore our emotions, desires, urges, spiritual connection and the past.

It takes real courage to do things differently–to stop avoiding self-care, running from the past, pushing beyond our limits, trying to please everyone, and spreading ourselves too thin. Stop looking outside yourself for satisfaction. Connect with yourself and have the life you deserve to enjoy. 

Do you want a life with more joy and less stress? Join me on a journey of education, supportive practices, and community. It is time to educate yourself and take action, and I am here to guide you along your journey.

Well Nourished Woman is for anyone who wants to be more aware of their life, personal growth, healthy lifestyle through – diet, exercise, sleep – and how they create optimal wellness overall. 

More detail coming soon….