Hot Towels

Hot towels are a therapeutic addition to wellness treatments, enhancing the overall experience by providing soothing and relaxing effects. Hot towels are carefully applied to specific body areas during or after treatment, promoting muscle relaxation and heightened comfort. 

Improved Circulation 

The heat from hot towels dilates blood vessels, leading to improved circulation in the treated areas. Enhanced blood flow can contribute to better oxygenation and nutrient delivery to the tissues.

Temperature Comfort and Relaxation

Hot towels are typically heated to a comfortable temperature, offering warmth and a soothing influence promoting relaxation. Applying hot towels to specific body areas contributes to muscle relaxation. The warmth aids in easing tension, reducing stiffness, and improving blood circulation, promoting overall muscle well-being. The comforting warmth of hot towels also has a calming effect on the nervous system, contributing to stress reduction. This enhances the overall wellness treatment experience, creating a more peaceful and enjoyable experience.

Enhanced Absorption

Hot towels enhance the absorption of therapeutic oils, herbs, and lotions used during the treatment, optimizing the effectiveness of the applied products.