Winds of Change Spring Retreat

Winds of Change Spring Retreat

Date: April 24th – April 28th, 2024


The Winds of Change Retreat was mindfully created for self-discovery, relaxation, and rejuvenation while enjoying the magnificent backdrop of Lake Superior and an expert team of practitioners to guide you through this empowering weekend. This ALL-INCLUSIVE 5-day transformative journey is held at the picturesque Larsmont Cottages on the North Shore of Lake Superior, Minnesota.  This extraordinary self-care weekend offers workshops, guided meditations, massage, breathwork, yoga, and more.  Participants will learn to navigate their intuition for career decisions, work issues, health, and relationships with a new understanding. Whether seeking clarity, healing, or simply a rejuvenating experience, this retreat is designed to inspire and empower.


The retreat will be held at the Larsmont Cottages, located on the serene shores of Lake Superior. Nestled within 40 private wooded acres south of Two Harbors, this tranquil resort offers a unique blend of a serene Northwoods experience and access to 1,300 feet of picturesque Lake Superior shoreline. During your retreat, you will find time to read, journal, take a sauna, hike, and absorb the calming aura of Lake Superior’s shores. The beauty of the location adds to the transformative nature of the retreat, grounding you, and aligning your energies with the serene environment. Let the waters of Lake Superior transform you as you embark on this journey of self-discovery and alignment.