Well Nourished Woman

Well Nourished Woman Talks

Join Kamie in exploring your womanhood. What does that mean to be a woman today? Where do we find our strength and compassion? Internal balance and relaxation are essential for a women’s health, whether we are bringing a new life into the world, being inspired by others around us, or anchoring to our truths from within. In this evening talk, we will focus not only on physical health  but also mental clarity and focus, emotional stability, and spiritual wellness.

Well Nourished Woman is for everyone who wants to be more aware of their life, personal growth,  hormones and reproductive health overall. Our menstrual cycles play an important roll in our emotional needs and how we create comfortable transitions into menopause and our golden years. We will also focus on factors that contribute to our hormones’ health and relationship building with our partners, families, friends, and ourselves.

What do women really want? A night to build community, nourishment for our souls, and some time for ourselves! 

If you attend the talks at our studio in Anoka there is a Ladies Night Yoga Class at 7:00PM. Class that is open to all levels.

Well Nourished Woman Program: Living From the Inside Out

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Our Focus Each Week

Hormones and Why Stress Matters

Society places a badge of honor on those who are over-committed and upholding a busy life. With continual outside pressure, the adrenal glands have to work overtime to make enough stress hormones to sustain the perpetual cycle. 

Our bodies struggle to balance the increased levels of adrenaline and cortisol in the bloodstream. In return, the body responds by increasing the production of balancing hormones with opposing energies (ie. estrogen, progesterone, and DHEA).

This strains our adrenal glands and ovaries. Eventually, our bodies simply can’t keep up with the demand. The endocrine system then gives signals that something is off. The most common symptoms of adrenal imbalance:

  • Weight loss or weight gain 
  • Increased perimenopausal or PMS symptoms in women
  • Decreased energy
  • Cravings for sugary or salty foods
  • Digestive distress 
  • High or low blood pressure
  • Feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or moody
  • Decreased concentration and brain fog 
  • Compromised immunity
  • Problems sleeping
  • Decreased libido
  • Inability to slow down

Our Focus for Discussion:

  • Defining adrenals
  • Understanding hormones
  • Exploring the relationship between estrogen and progesterone
  • Cortisol: the good, the bad, and the ugly
  • Increase understanding of actions and experiences and how they affect hormones
  • Understanding the nature of DHEA in relation to cortisol
  • Talk about practices for the week 
  • Q&A

Sleep Hygiene and Why Sleep is the Most Important Life Change

How well do you sleep? Do you have difficulty falling asleep?  Do you wake up in the middle of the night? Do you stay up too late and get up too early?

We spend approximately one-third of our lives asleep. This leads to the essential question: why do we need sleep? What is clear is that quality sleep is a staple of optimal health. But even though we know this, many of us are not making time for quality sleep. Because of busy lifestyles, we do not truly receive the health benefits of sleep.

As we drift off to sleep, our bodies begin their night-shift work. This is the time when it detoxifies and clears itself of physical toxins and processes daily emotions. This is what we miss out on when we miss sleep:

  • Hormone regulation and healing of damaged cells
  • Restoring and boosting the immune system
  • Recovering from daily activities and processing stressful emotions 
  • Recharging the heart and cardiovascular system for the next day

Sleep is a natural time for the body and mind to rest, reset, detoxify, and rejuvenate   

If the body doesn’t get a chance to reset and rest, it starts the next day at a disadvantage. You may feel:

  • Drowsy, irritable, anxious, and sometimes depressed
  • Struggling to process new information at work with difficulty remembering or making decisions.
  • Craving more unhealthy foods, causing weight gain
  • Feel off and emotionally reactive   

If this recurs night after night, it places a tremendous strain on the nervous system and body, impairing overall health. If you are not sleeping well or aren’t feeling rested when you wake up in the morning, it’s important to make lifestyle changes to support better sleep and find a routine that works in your schedule. 

The truth is that inconsistent sleep patterns can be very discouraging and getting back on track can feel daunting. But with the right set of tools, it is possible to find and return to balance. We will talk about a simple and practical approach to balancing sleep cycles.

Our Focus for Discussion:

  • What is optimal sleep?
  • What happens during sleep?
  • Practices to fall asleep or resume sleep after waking up
  • Sleep hygiene 
  • Bedroom atmosphere 
  • Practices for morning and evening to promote better sleep
  • Q&A

Self-Regulation of Emotions: Creating Awareness and Open Perspective 

Coordinating self-awareness in conjunction with emotional responses takes practice. The first steps are defining and understanding your own emotions. 

When lacking self-awareness, trying to manage emotions is like sitting in a canoe without an oar. In the lake of your own emotions, you are at the mercy of whatever wave or storm comes your way. With no idea where to go how to arrive there, all you can do is sit and wallow in it.

People often attempt to control their emotions and discover that they only become more emotional and reactive. Emotions cannot be controlled. Emotions are signals from our feelings telling us to pay attention to something. From there, we have a choice to act, react, or do nothing at all. Emotions are not inherently “good” or “bad.” It is how we react to them that matters.

Have you ever completely lost yourself in an activity? This almost hypnotic trance can be beneficial for finding your groove but can also be harmful when we set our lives on autopilot. Live your life on purpose with self-discovery and self-discipline. 

Finally, build strong social bonds and proper personal boundaries. Empathizing with someone doesn’t mean completely understanding them; it means to accept them where they are. Learn to value their existence and oneness and also respect your own personal boundaries. Healthy relationships lift us into the world around us. They make us realize we’re a part of something much larger and more complex than just ourselves, anchoring deeply to our core values. 

Our Focus for Discussion:

  • How the perception of feelings and emotions influence life
  • Understanding emotional intelligence and why it is important
  • Elements of emotional intelligence: awareness, self-monitoring, authenticity, empathy, integrity, and adaptability
  • Practice to build emotional intelligence and gain perspective of triggers
  • Practices for the “heat” of emotion and uncovering triggers
  • Building a strong foundation for personal growth and optimal wellness
  • Q&A

Full Moon Celebration: The Ebb and Flow of Life 

The full moon is a powerful healing force associated with the energies of cooling, calming, fullness and nurturing. It is a time for the observance of relationships, creating new adventures, exploring the practices in our lives, surrendering, and settling stressful situations. Leave perfectionism behind to express feelings of gratitude and honor the creative and nurturing forces within us.

A full moon is the time to reflect on what is beneficial to one’s health and well-being. Creating heartfelt intention (Sankalpa) along with a slow meditative lunar flow will remove walls built to fortify preservation and protection. Setting these intentions will also help to create positive boundaries for balance and clarity of mind, beginning the steps to understand who we are and what we value.

When we are in tune with the ebb and flow of the lunar cycle, our yoga practice changes naturally. We can learn to utilize the powerful lunar energies to take our practice to a deeper level and more easily achieve these goals.

The divine feminine energy embraces the lunar qualities of reflection, intuition, introspection, femininity, receptivity, and illumination. During a full moon, we can invigorate ourselves through these qualities and develop inspiration to move, flow, breath and meditate.

Connect your creative right brain with your delicate and nurturing feminine nature and intuition. Surrender to self-actualization with gratitude, forgiveness, and guidance.

With genuine attention and awareness during a full moon, yoga can help to release what is no longer purposeful and manifest new intentions. Integrate balance into your life mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, realizing your truths and bring more purposeful in your life. What a beautiful gift we can receive once a month! It’s a great way to end our month together! 

Our Focus for Discussion:

  • “Life’s Balanced Plate” approach 
  • Learn how hormones change over the course of a woman’s life
  • Continuing education on the effects of long-term stress on women’s physiology
  • Honoring the wisdom from within and embracing the wisdom outside us
  • Routine and practices that can help to release stress and manifest new intentions. 
  • Integrate balance into life mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 
  • Realizing your truth and bringing more purpose to your life.
  • Making moon water

Session Options 

Each week – Practices for the week available for all options.

  • Dinacharya (daily routine)
  • Gratitude Practices
  • Nutrition and Recipes
  • Exercise and Yoga
  • Mindfulness Practices
  • Meditation and Nidra Practices
  • Self-care and Healthy Hints
  • And More!

Option #1: Self Supported:

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  • Online Recorded lecture (On above topics) – 3 sessions over the 28 days
  • Online Recorded Yoga Sessions – 1 per week – 30 min session
  • Online Recorded Meditation – 1 per week – recorded 5/10 min options
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Option #2: Semi Private/Small Group Support:

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  • Live/Recorded Online Yoga Sessions – 4 per week
  • Live/Recorded Online Meditation – 1 per week – recorded 5/10 min options
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Option #3: Private and Small Group Support:

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  • Live/Recorded Online Yoga Sessions – 4 per week
  • Live/Recorded Online Meditation – 1 per week – recorded 5/10 min options
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  • 3 Private Session to study deeper into the practices, health issues and/or treatments
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