Tension Release: Upper Back, Neck, and Shoulders 

ZOOM IN LIVE January – Coming Soon!

Slouching, slumping, hunching over our phones, computers, or other devices. Most of us know we’ve developed some bad habits over the years and even more over the last year. Many of us think our posture is good enough – yet we continue with patterns that cause tension, soreness, and loss of strength. 

How do these habits affect us, long term–and what can we do about them?

Join me for an informal workshop where we will talk about common postural issues and learn some exercises you can do anywhere, anytime, to strengthen, stabilize, and combat the effects of bad postural habits. 

We will also use a tennis ball to release stress and tension from the sore areas – like the upper back, neck, and shoulders. 

What you will need for our time together. 

  • A tennis ball
  • Yoga mat or carpet
  • A blanket or towel
  • Yoga blocks, stool, or books 
  • A chair 
  • Dress comfortably and be ready to move!
  • Exercises will be gentle. 
  • The points that we release with the tennis ball might be sensitive. Listen to your body.
  • The posture workshop will highlight specific joints in our body – spine, neck, and shoulders.


  • gentle yoga to warm up – show range of motion
  • posture movement you can do at your desk or anywhere
  • trigger points with the tennis ball
  • closing with movement to show the change

INVEST IN YOURSELF!! $49  Early sign up before January —- $39

Self Guided Workshop: Pre-Recorded: Coming Soon