Meditation and Pranayama Programs

Meditation and Pranayama

Meditation and Pranayama involve concentration and breath. Meditation is a practice of cultivating awareness of our habitual thought patterns, and pranayama is a practice of refining our breath and increasing awareness of pranic flow. They work together to create meditative awareness and conscious breathing patterns to guide you in your asana practice and in life.

Meditation and Pranayama to Support Immune Health

This class is unlike any other! Kamie extensively researched Eastern and Western perspective on the benefits of Pranayama with relationship to immune function. In this class, she will share what she has developed from her studies to help you put into practice these benefits without having to think about what to focus on next.

No experience needed to participate. After checking in, class will begin with a brief setup. Our focus is to:

  • Build immunity 
  • Build lung capacity
  • Exchange carbon dioxide/oxygen in tissues
  • Reduces stress
  • Reduces blood pressure  
  • Increase parasympathetic activity
  • Increase concentration 

Class Outline (order may vary from day to day)

  • Check-In
  • Opening Mediation 
  • Bhastrika 
  • Pratiloma 
  • Prone Savasana pranayama
  • Metta Meditation