Small changes over a period of time develop the most significant transformation. 



  • This is a free session open to all who are curious and/or are ready to grow.
  • The info session will be posted here on the website if you miss the live sessions.

The new year is a great time to reflect, observe, and reset the course of one’s life. It is a time to re-evaluate habits, routines, and self-care that are supportive and make adjustments where change is needed. Even if you didn’t create better habits at the beginning of the year there is no time like the present!

When uncertainty increases and the future become unclear, feelings of anxiety and fear appear. This is why creating better habits helps us to transform challenges into opportunities.  

Routine and self-care practices are so much more than bubble baths, massages, and manicures. Instead, they reconnect us with a powerful part of our beings that supports, nourishes, and guides us on our journeys.

Routine helps us create a place of stability and connection to engage in the external world with clarity and purpose. It protects us from the struggles that the world transfers to us by setting the tone for the day and creates closure at the end of each day. (See my blog on self-care.)

Think about this:

  • Do you feel stuck in your overall health and in your life? 
  • Did you gain weight over the last year or years? 
  • Have you been through a divorce or life-changing event? 
  • Have you struggled with creating and sticking to a routine?
  • Did you know that goals are limiting?
  • Did you know that changing bad habits and forming positive habits is not about a lack of motivation?  
  • Did you know that your limiting beliefs could be preventing your success? 
  • Are you ready for a realistic lifestyle routine?  
  • Do you want more than a list of dos and don’ts?
  • Do you want to live your authentic life? 

Does this sound like something you would like for yourself?

I follow Ayurveda and yoga’s ancient practices and suitable western fitness methods for optimal health and wellness. I am not offering a typical kick you back into shape viewpoint; instead, I am providing you with a more in-depth approach to health and wellness. Small changes over a period of time develop the most significant transformation. 

I will be offering a Kick Start Your Daily Routine program starting in January! This program is a great way to start your new year and purge 2020! (My Bio and My Blog )

The program will be pre-recorded with a live weekly Zoom Q&A session, and short weekly recordings will be available to watch at your convenience. 

Within the 30 days, you will learn

  • Foundations of daily practice and why these practices are essential. Each week will build from the previous. 
  • Methods to break undesirable habits, create good habits, and build a routine.
  • I will provide pre-recorded meditations and yoga sessions for movement, stress reduction, and release of tension.
  • Weekly recorded 8-minute strength workouts.
  • Access to Kamie when questions come up!
  • Weekly meetings to clarify questions that come up throughout the week. This is exclusive to the group.
    • Mondays: 6:00-6:30 PM the session will be recorded and posted on a private page for the group.

Weekly break down

Week #1: Building a Foundation.

Your day starts with the previous night. We will look at your morning and evening routines. I call this my “bookend philosophy.” The habits that you create to start and end your day will have an impact on your life.

Week #2: Find your rhythm.

Now that we have a week under our belts, we will continue to add practices to keep the ball rolling in the right direction. “Keep it simple” is the key to success. In Ayurveda, we talk about the smallest changes done consistently over a period of time to make the most significant impact! 

Week #3: Move a little more.

No matter the weather, we will explore how short and sweet workouts and daily movement are better than three longer workouts per week. We will continue to examine supportive habits and remove those that no longer serve our transformational journey.

Week #4: You did it! 

You are on your last week! Together we will look at what areas still need a bit more support. We will address any questions concerning nutrition.

What you will need.

Kick Start Meeting! Must be registered to attend!

LIVE! Kick Start Q & A Meeting: TBA

  • The session will be recorded and posted to the website if you are unable to attend.
  • You have support along your journey and community to ask questions. 
  • For this session, you must be registered for the program.

Investment in Yourself!! $199 ***Early sign up before TBA $169

What’s next after I finish the program?

This program guides you through the foundation of nutrition, movement, sleep, and overall wellness. We will discuss the importance of exercise, food, sleep, and why timing is the key to balance. In the next step, we will dive deeper into practices, re-evaluate habits, and advance personal growth, and continue the wellness journey. Remember, it takes months to solidify a routine; a supportive community and someone to hold you accountable is always beneficial in long term health and wellness transformation. The next steps will take you deeper on your journey.

More information about the next step coming soon!