The Right for Truth.. The Right to Vote

We are one of the fortunate countries that have the opportunity to vote. Often this is a privilege we don’t take advantage of; we don’t think our vote will matter. There are more detailed articles that tell a different story. ( Every vote counts, whether or not you care about some of the opinions right now or with politics at all– but you might in four years’ time. I am not here to persuade your vote; I am writing this to inspire you to vote.

We are in a time where technology is advancing faster than we could have ever imagined. Environmental issues are no longer a thing of the future. Instead, they are staring us in the face. We are seeing endless amounts of hate crimes and cultural division rather than unity. Some of our deepest worries and fears are churning up anger and aggression. School, yoga studio, and church shootings are being a norm. Our leaders are doing unspeakable things and not being held accountable for their actions.

On Tuesday, we as citizens of the United States, have the opportunity to hold our elected officials accountable and to voice our opinion. We vote for the people we believe are best suited to represent our values. This is the time that we need to do what is right for the majority, to preserve our diverse culture that is the foundation of how our county was built. We need to closely consider the path of our future and of our world.

You and only you can make the choice: to vote or not to vote. That is your choice. If you choose to vote, I am proud to be living in this amazing country, building communities, serving others, and continuing to share many opportunities with you. If you choose not to vote, you have made the choice to be complacent and deny a freedom that our ancestors have worked hard to give us and some have died to uphold.

Your one voice might be small in the perspective of the greater good, but even a dewdrop creates ripples in a lake. This is not the time to hide from what is happening. It is time to fill in some little ovals to be accountable in your first step to real change.

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” He was a living example of how peace, perseverance, and faith can take down the most powerful tyrant. He used peace over war to free an entire country.

What change do you want to see?

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