Yoga Nidra and Relaxation

Yoga Nidra is a form of guided meditation or yogic sleep. It is one of the easiest styles of yoga to practice and is the state before sleep. There are numerous mental and physical benefits that come from the practice of this ancient method of meditation. We all have stresses in our lives and we need tools to learn how to release tension and truly relax. Yoga Nidra is a simple practice to prevent both the mental and physical damage that can come due to stress.

Some of the benefits of yoga Nidra.

  • Heals Trauma: tension release and relaxation in a safe space.
  • Delta and Theta brain waves: helps us to reach a deeper state of sleep, creativity, inspiration, and spiritual connection.
  • Reduces Stress: help us to release stress and anxiety.
  • Reduce Chronic Pain: gives our body time to rest, recover and restore, decreasing inflammation, and improves immune function.
  • PMS Symptoms: improve wellbeing, anxiety, and depression by learning tools to apply and practices based on intervention.
  • Better Sleep: insomnia and sleep deprivation contribute to mental disorders, stress, and immune health.

We will begin class with some basic movements and breathing and then settle into our yoga Nidra. We will practice in a reclined position. No experience necessary.

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