Contemplating Compassion

Contemplating Compassion

Happy Holidays, Yogis and Yoginis!

I am at Avant Garden in Anoka reflecting on the past few months and how my life has changed. I am contemplating about compassion and what compassion means to me. With all the challenges that I have been presented with in the last two years, especially the last 6 months, it has taught me about the value of being compassionate for myself, and then finding tolerance and compassion for others.

The value of compassion determines our degree of isolation and loneliness, and also the magnitude of our connection and love that we have for ourselves and others. When people create challenges and imbalances in our lives, it is difficult to have tolerance and find compassion for them. The practice is to find that compassion for ourselves and then to use that practice to have tolerance and compassion for others.

I have been working deeply in the practice, first with tolerance and now through compassion. I am practicing compassion for the person who has completely turned my life upside down. It is not easy when this person has moved on from our commitment that was made seven years ago. I struggle at times but I am starting to find more and more strength with time. Practicing compassion and loving kindness are powerful tools in our evolution as yogis and human beings.

In some of the classes in the next few weeks, I will be teaching a Meta Meditation, also known as “loving kindness meditation.” May I be happy… May I be free from suffering…May I be at peace… We must have compassion and love for ourselves before we can truly forgive another. May you be happy… May you be free from suffering… May you be at peace…

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