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Live An Extraordinary Life One Day At A Time Daily Practices

Life Style, Practices, Gratitude, and More

The Weekly Line Up!

We will start each week with a mantra or statement to focus on. Each day that follows will have a different method, motivation, or practice. You are not required to do them all, but I encourage you to try as many as possible. You never know what will stick! Throughout these weeks, we will explore several practices and dive deeper into building a life with less stress, more joy, and living a purposeful life.

But first, let’s start with the basics. Designate a specific area to reflect and practice. It can be a room or corner of a room. This space needs to be free of clutter and distractions. A clear and dedicated space sets the framework for consistency and the opportunity to create positive habits.

Then, we will focus on recharging ourselves when we feel out of touch with the world around us. We will cover breathing, meditation, yoga, journaling, quiet reflection, and other practices to release tension and focus on our minds.

Finally, have fun and a little faith in yourself and the process. Let your mind wrap around the possibility that the things you want most are attainable through practice, time, persistence, and the courage to try.

I will guide you in the process, and I hope you will share or post photos of your experiences. Your support keeps me disciplined on my new social media journey and helps me reach a larger audience to help others to become their best self. Together we will build a supportive community that encourages each other through challenges and cheers on the bravery it takes to make changes.

I am very excited to be on this journey with you! Let’s get started!

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Sundays: Guru Moments: Connect with Your Inner Guru

It is time for me to explore new options for helping those of you who are ready to dabble in the practices of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and of course, Ayurveda. I am excited to share the tools that I studied and practiced throughout the last 24 years to overcome difficulties and to regain balance in my life.

Mondays: Mantra Monday

In our modern society, the term “mantra” is often confused with setting an intention or using self-affirming statements that give us the strength and confidence to face challenges or motivate us. Either way, the underlying objective is still similar: It’s a way to direct our intentions and quiet our minds to manifest a life we desire.

Tuesdays: Tuesday Tip From The Ayurvedic Toolbox

Ayurveda is a preventative health care system that promotes our connection with nature’s laws for optimal wellness and longevity. Ayurveda considers all aspects of life and applies various healing modalities to balance, regain and maintain health physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

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Wednesdays: Wellness Wednesday Events

Each Wednesday, I will offer a live event covering topics such as lifestyle, yoga, basic of Ayurveda, digestion, Nutrition, cleanse/detox, sleep, exercise, hormones, stress, and more.

Thursdays: Positive Thoughts for Thursday

On Thursdays, I will guide you through mindfulness and practices that focus on well-being, happiness, inspiration, optimism, resilience, confidence, self-esteem, self-love, compassion, and emotional intelligence. The small acts and practices will help connect us through examination and self-improvement and encourage a deeper connection with others. The ripple effects of small actions create extraordinary changes in our lives and the world. Enjoy!

Fridays: Freaking Friday Flash Back! Get Your Gratitude On

On Fridays, we will focus on a challenge and something we are grateful for during the week, giving each depth and detail. After we reflect on the week, we will direct our attention to gratitude. When a gratitude practice is consistent, we are open to see life differently—our perception of our struggles, connections with others, and our responses to life changes.

Saturdays: Saturday Solitude Practices: Rest and Relax The Week Away

Set yourself up for a great weekend! Saturdays, I will vlog mixed practices such as meditation, yoga stretches, mindful awareness, and more. Connect to essential elements of life that promote rejuvenation and relaxation to enjoy the weekend ahead.

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