Transform Your Life One Small Step at a Time

The Daily Routine  – Dinacharya

Are you a “morning person?” Many of us awaken to a routine of hitting the snooze button to catch more z’s.

Do you find that the hectic pace of modern living and digital distractions are leaving you feeling depleted each morning? If so, it is time to gain the benefits from following a daily Ayurvedic routine or dinacharya.

Nature moves in cycles (day to night, winter through spring), and all animals and plants follow suit with their daily and seasonal routines. Humans, however, often live in a fast-paced world where we have learned to detach from our circadian rhythm.

Lucky for us it’s easy to get back on track. You don’t need to do a complete overhaul! Instead, a few gradual changes can go a long way. This is why we will be together for a month: to create a routine one baby step at a time!

Together we will start a simple morning routine. After the first week, you’ll feel more grounded, energetic, and balanced throughout the day. In time, you might even become a morning person!

In Ayurveda, there is a strong emphasis on the importance of a consistent daily routine. This sets the tone for your entire day, bringing a sense of clarity, calm, and well-being. It gives the body, mind, and spirit the chance to cleanse and ground. It’s a great way to start renewed every morning, although Ayurveda often teaches that your day begins the night before.

Does this sound like something you’d like to do for yourself? Join us on a 30-day journey into Ayurveda.  

Benefits of following Dinacharya

  • Dinacharya follows nature’s laws. It helps us to sync our bodies and minds with our internal clocks (circadian rhythm) and nature. 
  • The Ayurvedic daily routine pays close attention to personal hygiene. It also boosts the effects of our five senses and keeps them healthy.
  • It strengthens the body and improves mental health. 
  • It aids in the development of strong immunity, both physically and mentally. 
  • Topics Covered: Building a Foundation, Your Day Starts The Night Before, Move Your Body, Happy Belly Nourished Life

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