Goddess Goodness



To all my ladies: I created this tea for you! If you are running a bit warm, are emotionally up and down, or having the discomfort of cramps–this is the tea for you. I struggle with my own PMS symptoms. When I drink this tea a few days before my flow begins and continues through the first few days, I have little to no PMS symptoms. I often drink 2-3 cups a day during the heavier time in my cycle. 

Goddess Goodness has a bright, floral flavor with deeper notes of sweetness and spice that first produces minty aromas followed by a pleasant, subtle maple syrup aroma when steeped. Let the taste dance on the tongue with lingering essences of rich, earthy spices and refreshing mint with just a hint of sour amidst the sweetness. This delightful tea is certain to revitalize and reinvigorate for that needed boost of clarity.

Contains Organic Herbs: spearmint, cramp bark, nettles, marshmallow root, passionflower, ginger root, fennel seed

 This tea does not contain caffeine. 


  • Promotes digestion and the elimination of natural toxins*
  • Supports proper function of the lungs and healthy, comfortable breathing*
  • Supports stomach comfort during motion intensive travel*
  • Supports healthy urination and soothes the urinary tract*
  • Calms and soothes the nerves and muscles*
  • Supports a healthy, comfortable menstrual cycle*
  • Promotes healthy kidney function*
  • Cramp bark is high in flavonoids and carotenoids*
  • Promotes overall skin health*
  • Contains Nutrients: vitamins, amino acids, minerals and more…*

Directions: Place a tea bag in your favorite cup or mug. Bring water to a rolling boil and immediately pour over your teabag. Steep for about 5 minutes or more. Remove the teabag. Enjoy! **SIDE NOTE: Tea bags can stay in your cup as long as you would like without getting bitter. We often put ours in a thermos and enjoy sipping all-day, adding more hot water as needed.

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