A Hug From Karen




My dear friend Karen has been with me through the toughest years of my life. She is a devoted friend, trusted manager at my studio, compassionate ear, and best of all–gives fantastic hugs. Karen is an angel in my life. With her empathetic way of living, she held space for me when I was not the best version of me. She didn’t try to fix my situation but stood at my side with an open mind and a great hug. She will always be a trusted friend.

Contains Organic Herbs: tulsi, rosemary, peppermint, licorice root, cardamom, brahmi, bacopa

This tea does not contain caffeine. **Licorice Root doesn’t taste like black licorice. Learn more about Licorice root.


  • Supports proper function of the nervous system*
  • Supports memory, intelligence, concentration, and mental clarity*
  • Promotes healthy skin and hair*
  • Supports comfortable digestion and balanced stomach acid levels*
  • Stimulates a healthy appetite and fresh breath*
  • Removes excess mucus from the lungs and upper respiratory tract*
  • Promotes healthy weight management*
  • Promotes healthy circulation and a normal body temperature*

Directions: Place a tea bag in your favorite cup or mug. Bring water to a rolling boil and immediately pour over your teabag. Steep for about 5 minutes or more. Remove the teabag. Enjoy! **SIDE NOTE: Tea bags can stay in your cup as long as you would like without getting bitter. We often put ours in a thermos and enjoy sipping all-day, adding more hot water as needed.

To learn more about herbs and teas check out Blurb About Herbs and Communi-Tea with Kamie


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