I love this sleepy time tea. The flavors are subtle, sweet, and soothing for your nervous system. It has a calming effect that makes this tea perfect for drinking before crawling under the covers. I drink a cup an hour before bed and find that it helps to calm my busy mind and release tension from my body.

NightCap is a sweet and relaxing floral mix with light bitters. Lavender and passionflower instantly create calming and relaxing sensations. Lull your senses and release your stresses. This tea has hints of herbal flavor and does not taste like licorice.

Contains Organic Herbs: lavender flower, oat straw, spearmint, licorice root, chamomile, valerian root, passionflower – This tea does not contain caffeine

  • Supports proper function of the nervous system*
  • Promotes clear, comfortable breathing*
  • Reduces anxiety and depression*
  • Helps alleviate tension headache*
  • Reduce PMS symptoms and menstrual cramps*
  • Promotes sleep and reduce insomnia*
  •  Supports digestive health and stimulate bile*
  • Reduces Inflammation*
  • Boost Immune Health*

To learn more about herbs and teas check out Blurb About Herbs and Communi-Tea with Kamie


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